【Hokkaido · Biei-cho】 It's too beautiful nature 4 choices.

This "blue pond" is a lake shining cobalt blue. It is very beautiful and I feel uninvolved!

Will not some people feel nostalgic? So that spot that is familiar with Nissan's "Ken and Mary Skyline" is also here in Biei-cho!

Here is not it now (exactly the name has changed only) "Mild Seven 's Hill"! Why do not you visit a smoker 's father or a couple too?

This is also "Shikisai Aya no Oka" in Biei-cho! There are 268 tennis courts in size! Not only summer but also spring and autumn flowers season is recommended !

It is a sunflower field. It feels like Hokkaido is unbearable feeling becoming this hill!

In Japan this is a wonderful flower park ◎

【Abashiri / Shiretoko / Muroran / Nemuro / Wakkanai】 6 mystical wilderness

This is "God's Pond" in Kiyosato-cho Mashuoka in the Abashiri tube! This beauty also in the photograph. This triple is beautiful actually seen.

This is adjacent "Lake Mashu". It is the lake which boasts the second highest transparency in the world! Nearby you can also see one mountain of mountain in Japan.

Well I will be Shiretoko the next time heading north! This is "Oshinkoshin Falls" which is also selected as "Shiretoko Hakkei"! Please try to splashed with full power as it gets close to you! I feel comfortable.

You can experience Shiretoko Goku Field Work! There is a possibility that a brown bear will appear, so after a simple lecture. "Certificate of entry" can be obtained!

Please be careful as winter can not participate in summer alone!

The area walking on the bridge made of this tree is really away from the city and makes us forget the life in the city. Perfect for a vacation.

Next, how about "the cape of the earth" located in Muroran (Muroran)?

Speaking of Hokkaido's cape, we recommended "Nasa Puri (cape) cape" at the eastern end of the mainland of Japan. I will drive from Kushiro for 2 hours 40 minutes. The horizon of the masterpiece is spreading in front of my eyes. A place where it becomes ice on the whole in winter!

Also here "" Cape Series "can not be removed.It is" Soya Cape "at the northernmost tip of Japan. Because it is in Wakkanai most of this place is in the northernmost shops and spots

There is even such a strange signboard! As a precaution, it may be cold in the summer past the cool. So please do not stop doing at least "T - shirt" ♪ Incidentally, as a recommended point, next Rebunjima - Rishiri Island which goes from Wakkanai to the ferry is a value ant going for gourmet. I eat seafood rice bowl that I have not tasted ♪

[Furano edition] 2 spots surrounded by cute flowers and nature

Speaking of Hokkaido, it is "Furano's lavender field". It is around the end of July. Lavender ice cream and white birch forest spots are also nearby so that is also a spot you would like us to visit once!

In this plan , access from Narita Airport is also listed ♪ Furano, which is often used even in spots of movies and dramas, is a place you want to visit as a resort!

This is "Forest Clock" which also became the location of the drama "Easy Time".

You can also enjoy the scent by grinding coffee by yourself at "Forest Clock" (counter seat only)

Well this is also introduce "lavender field" again! Lavender is entertaining with vivid purple, but since it has become a point where its unique scent is favored, by all means how do you try carrying the local foot once ♪ ♪

Besides lavender, colorful flower garden spreads and there is no doubt that daily stress (including heat) can be completely erased. In addition, we are also doing melon direct sale so close to that!

【Tomamu】 What is the sea of ​​clouds that can only be seen with 50% probability?

This is Tomamu's "sea of ​​clouds" (occurrence rate seems to be 50%)!

. We can use gondola except for guests and we can get to near the summit! Since there is a shop that snacks are eaten on the top, slowly while watching the sea of clouds morning but it is also good to get the food ♪

PlayLife official plan or toner is was actually seen Hokkaido wilderness anyone? There is no mistake to be healed by the great nature of Hokkaido! This summer invite you rest and Silver Week, to travel?