Where can I find a date spot in Osaka?

Osaka is a sightseeing spot to gourmet, night viewsightseeing spots with a wide range of attractionsIs not it?
Therefore, even a coupleLarge as a date spot popular

But,I do not know where to go when I'm going to date when there are too many spots ...What, is not it?

This time the playlife editorial department picked up,Osaka's recommended popular date spotWe will introduce you in ranking format!

In the endrecommended dinnerAs we are introduce it, Osaka dating is perfect if it sees this ♡

If you want a successful date ...

The key to success in dating is choosing a restaurant for dinner and lunch?

If you want to keep food spots down, check out this feature before checking out dating spots!

1st place USJ (Universal Studios Japan)

Speaking of Osaka this theme park!

As I said about playing in Osaka, after all,USJ (Universal Studios Japan)
Large even as a date spot popular but it is.

Inside the parkIt is as if he / she got lost in the movie world
It's a theme park that you can not miss movie lovers, even if you do not like movies again ♪

Speaking of the popular area of ​​such USJ,Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Area representing Harry Potter's view of the worldSo, if you saw the movie, it is familiar landscape.

thatHogwarts castlePerfect reproduction from fine parts that only to maniacs can understand.
Butter beerOne hundred beansGoods such as ♪ are also famous ♪

In such USJ,Different events for each seasonIs being held!

First of all, in the summer time to be held "WaterSupriseParty」。
In the park "wet zone"Was set up, among whichA summer like event where both staff and visitors gather wateris!

In a hot summer , couple each other, let's sprinkle water together ♡

And during the winter seasonillumination treeprojection mappingBut.

Their glitter and umbrella was the most impressed among the illumination we saw so far! The more I get the impression ....

When visiting in time of Christmas, the date will be more romantic ♪

Universal Studios Japan
Place: Osaka prefecture Osaka city Konohana ku Sakurajima 2-1-33
アクセス:ユニバーサルシティ駅[出口]から徒歩約1分 https://www.usj.co.jp/access/
Opening hours: Please check with the official website as it will vary depending on the day.

This is the complete version model course of the USJ date!

No. 2 Osaka Aquarium

popular aquarium that is safe even on rain days!

In OsakaThe world's largest aquarium,海遊館
Since it is interior it is easy to use it for plan of the date because it can go to the day of rain!

Business hours,10 - 20
Access,From Osaka Port station by walk About 5 minutes

PricesAdults 2,300 yen per personSuch I, but other sightseeing also deals ticket that matches the spot!

Various kinds of fish are displayed in the hall as much as the world's largest.
A gigantic aquarium containing whale sharks and mantasFromA small aquarium containing small cute tropical fishUntil!

Not only the fish in the world but also the aquarium itself has been devised, the story of the story while dating is exhausted.

If you are lucky you can see a cute aspect of these lovely fish!
Let's be healed by a seal that seems to be very happy ♪


Such a sea audience building, how winter timeillumination spotI will transform it!
illumination with the theme of the seaIs held, it is very fantastic and beautiful.

By all means, when you date at the Osaka Aquarium, please visit along with the illumination ♡

Place: Osaka, Osaka, Minato-ku, Kaigan-dori 1-1-10
アクセス:大阪港駅[1]から徒歩約7分 大阪シティバス「天保山ハーバービレッジ」下車すぐ 南海バス「海遊館(天保山)」下車すぐ 関西国際空港発 リムジンバス「天保山(海遊館)」下車すぐ
Opening hours: 10: 00-20: 00 (Admission is closed until 1 hour before closing) * Changed according to the season

3rd place Aki no Harukasu

A new special spot in Osaka where you can see a superb view .

Newly completed complex commercial facilities in 2014,Abeno Harukasu
Boasting a height of 300 m above the ground,The tallest building in JapanAs a reputation!

From shopping to gourmet, museumsBecause there are plenty of kinds of play till the couple is also popular spot ♪

Business hours,It depends on the facility in Abeno Harukasu
Access,JR Tennoji station to by walk About 1 minuteis!

Abeno Harukasu's steward is a standpoint "Harukas 300」!
Three-layer structure of 58 th floor to 60 th floorIt was an observation deck that becameSky gardenshopCelestial corridorHas become.

Osaka Ichi night view from high place is also recommended as closing date ♡

The opening hours of the observation deck are9: 00 - 22: 00
Prices,Adults 1,500 yen per personis!

Depending on the time at this observatoryEventEven doing things!

This was done in the pastprojection mapping
The sky museum in the skyAs the theme, umi sharks and other fish swim across the picture ♪

Projection mapping combined with night view is very beautiful and fantastic.

Whether you are doing an event,Official siteLet's check!

Abeno Harukasu
Location: Abano Nishi Abeno Ward, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture 1-1-43
Access: Osaka Abe Nokyo station [Abeno opening (Kintetsu) from the by walk about 0 minutes
Opening hours: Depends on facilities