Jingu fireworks festival

It is one of three Tokyo Fireworks festivals
Shinku fireworks festival!
There are nearly one million people,
recommended hot spot is "Meiji Jingu Stadium"!
summer period exclusive at the time of 5 inning late in,
300 fireworks will be launched!
It is a luxury to enjoy fireworks while watching baseball ^ ^!

Although it is quite crowded,
If you take a place securely
You can see beautiful fireworks ^ ^
If you take place for free,
recommended is "Jingu Stadium" ♪

Ten thousand fireworks
"Jingu Stadium" and "Chichibu Rugby Field" etc.
It is also attractive to be able to enjoy from various venues!
Also, not only fireworks,
A light talk by an entertainer who will serve as a moderator
luxurious is also the live of artists can enjoy
It is a unique characteristic of the Jingu fireworks festival ♡
Please feel summer by skin ^ ^

Jingu fireworks festival
[Total fireworks] Approximately 10,000
【Date】 August 11
【Time】 19: 30 ~ 20: 30
【Launch Site】 Shinjyū Second Stadium

Edogawa fireworks display

"Exciting fireworks festival" and
Edogawa fireworks display with crown.
There was only that name,
Various preferences were announced
Gorgeous fireworks continue ^ ^

Among the fireworks festival, the number of spectators mobilized is
It is said to be the best in Japan.
As it is said that about 900,000 people will visit,
I recommend you go out early on the way home!
When you are looking at the finale and are doing it a bit slowly
帰り道が大変なことになるので要注意!> <

Annual 5 seconds 1000 dynamic dynamics
Beginning with the opening,
Production in line with eight themes
It gives new impression every year ^ ^ ♡

summer , in Tokyo
Many fireworks festivals are held,
It is quite expensive! ^ ^
Recommended hot spot spot
"Sobu line under the bridge" is ♪

Edogawa-ku firework display
[Total fireworks number] Approximately 14,000 shots
【Date】 August 1, 2015
【Time】 19: 15 ~ 20: 30
【Launch Site】 Edogawa Riverbed (Towards Shinosaki Park)

Kanagawa Newspaper Firework Display

Kanagawa Newspaper Fireworks Competition in 2015
Year of the 30th milestone!
The highlight is also said to be the Kanto largest class
It is a 2-scale ball that reaches a diameter of 480 m ^ ^ ♡

To take "the front of red bricks" of the popular spot
From early morning place to take!
Everyone can join safely and memorial photos ♪
Until the fireworks rise, kill time with red bricks.
recommended because air conditioners are being heard ♪

You can see! ^ ^
Compared to near red bricks
Recommended because there are few people!

Spots where you can enjoy both night view and fireworks
"Great pier wharf"!
The head of the wharf is
Because it becomes a charged space,
Leisure seat at the root
I recommend you to draw it ^ ^
The two biggest balls of the eyeball is an oversized class of 480 m!
Cheers and applause will spring up ♪

Kanagawa Newspaper Firework Display
[Total fireworks number] Approximately 15,000 shots
【Date】 August 4 (planned)
【Time】 19: 00 ~ 20: 30
【Launch Site】 Yokohama · Minato Mirai Lingang Park Front Sea
【Access】 3 minutes on by walk from Motomachi · Chinese food station Minatomirai Line
20 minutes on by walk from JR Kannai station