GW Where shall we go?

Those who can't get a cohesive vacation even with a large holiday,day tripWhy do not you enjoy it?
This time, we will introduce recommended spots for a day trip within 2 hours from Tokyo.
Please try to reference to the outing of GW.

Let's get rid of daily fatigue at a day trip hot spring ♪ / Hakone

Holidays relaxing slowly on hot springs .... It is exactly the ideal holiday.
Does GW go to a hot spring and heal the daily fatigue?
recommended Hakone with good access from TokyoHot springI will introduce you.

1. Hakone Yusui

3 minutes from the station to another world of Satoyama ♪

まずおすすめするのは、Hakone Yuuri
From Hakone Yumoto stationFree shuttle bus3 minutes on the trainOutstanding accessis!

In addition to the public bath,19 charter single room open-air bathThere is also.
Even if you go with a couple or a family, you can enjoy without hesitation ♪

In the restaurant, full-fledgedHearth cookingYou can enjoy ♪
Even on a day trip, if you are healed in the hot spring and surround the hearth and eat delicious food,extraordinaryThere is no doubt that you can enjoy.
Until 22:00 during GW period as well as on Saturdays and holidaysExtended business hoursdoing!

Hakone Yuuri
Place: Uenozawa 4, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa
Access: About 4 minutes on by walk from Hakone Yumoto station [exit]

2. New Well City Yugawara

The ultimate healing in Yugawara's largest open-air bath

次にご紹介するのはNewell City Yugawara​ ​

Is in the "hot water of Izumi" is, 11: 00 the next morning and can be used for favorite time 9:00,
日帰りでのお出かけにぴったりです。(24 :00以降は中学生以上に別途深夜料金と入湯税がかかります)
This is also from Yugawara stationFree shuttle busThere is operation.

In addition to the open-air bath and Izumi-no-yu, free rest areas and relaxing rooms are also available, so you can enjoy the hot springs slowly.
GW期間は特別期間中のため利用料は大人1,639円・子供 750円・幼児600円です。

Open-air bath with open feelingLet's refresh with ♪

New Wel City Yugawara is from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
Newell City Yugawara
Location: Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture 107
アクセス:湯河原駅より車で5分。奥湯河原行き・不動滝行きバス7つ目停留所「理想郷」下車徒歩1分 湯河原駅から1,993m
Opening Hours: Check In 14:00 Check Out Next 10: 00

3. Tianyama Yuji Township

Escape from everyday with a drop-in hot spring that can be easily reached by one person!

お次に紹介する天山湯治郷(てんざんとうじきょう)は、人気の温泉スポットで、温泉激戦区の箱根エリアでも常にRanked in the popular hot spring rankingare doingFamous hot water​ ​
A hot spring you want to visit once.

After being healed slowly in the hot spring, lay down and relax further at "Zashiki Bokko" ♪
The body is loose. extraordinary ♡
ThisAdult holidayIs not it

Tianyama Yuji Township
Place: Yumoto-cho, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa ken 208
Access: About 26 minutes on by walk from Hakone Yumoto station [exit]

自然の中でリフレッシュしたい! / 千葉・茨城・山梨

Naturally touching is a very good change.
"I want to go to a spot full of nature ..."東京都内から出発して1~2時間以内で到着して、たっぷりと自然に触れられる千葉・茨城・山梨がおすすめ!

4. Tokyo village

A comfortable theme park where you can move around the park by car ♪



In the vast garden, in addition to the huge turf sloping slope, ferris wheel, athletic, tree climbing, tree house, etc.Attractionsが盛りだくさん!
園内はCan be moved by carSo comfortable ♪

German villages are not only attractions.
A vast area where you can enjoy seasonal flowersFlower gardenも有名です。


By the way,Autumn cosmos bloom seasonAlso recommended .

Tokyo Germany Village
Location: Nagayoshi 419 Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture
アクセス:東横田駅[出口]から徒歩約40分 JR千葉駅より、高速バス「カピーナ号(千葉~鴨川線)」、東京ドイツ村下車 アクアライン高速バス、「袖ケ浦バスターミナル」下車、路線バス「東京ドイツ村」下車 電車(袖ケ浦駅)→路線バス→東京ドイツ村 乗り降りは 「東京ドイツ村」 路線バス 東京ドイツ村行き
Opening hours: 9: 30 ~ 17: 00 (last entrance 16:00)

5. Umihotaru

Drive date to enjoy superb view ♡


大ヒットした映画「劇場版コード・ブルー」のLocation locationにも使われたのも有名な話です!

scenery is very wonderful, but what to enjoy is not only the sceneryMealAlso

There are a wide variety of restaurants and food court menus, so it's fun to choose what to eat.
There are various shops in the food court, so it is also attractive to eat what you like ♪

Foot bathIt is also recommended relax slowly!

At sunset timeObservation DeckThe scenery is the extraordinary!
Going down into the seasuperb view sunsetYou can enjoy.

If you go on a date, you will definitely be in a romantic mood ♡

Umihotaru PA
Location: 4 - chome, Higashi - cho, Nishitokyo - shi, Tokyo 4-14-17 Umihotaru

6. 富津岬

A luxurious observation deck where you can enjoy 360-degree superb view ♪

If you look at the sea, do you want to walk on the sandy beach?
都心から最も近い富津岬は、富津公園として整備されていて、公園入口付近と岬先端にFree parkingIs complete,DriveIt is perfect!

The sea breeze around GW is a very pleasant season ♪

The huge "Meiji Centennial Observation Tower" at the tip of Cape Futtsu is an unusual observatory tower and the tension rises!
From the topTokyo BayYou can see.
If the weather is niceFuji MountainAnd, you can see from Yokohama Minato Mirai to the city center.
You can enjoy the scenery around 360 degreesLuxurious observation tower​ ​

Please try to feel its wonderful location with your own five senses.

Here is a recommended for those who want to feel nature more naturally.

At Futtsu CapeMotor paragliderI can also enjoy!
Feel the refreshing breeze of spring with your whole body and refresh!

7. 鋸山

Heaven and hell !? Thrilling superb view spot

This is in Mt. NokogiriPeeping in hellIt is a spot called.
The feeling of standing on the tip of a steep cliff is unimaginable!

It's thrilling, but beyond that there's a superb view!
You can overlook the Boso Peninsulasuperb view pointWhat is it?

You can taste both heaven and hell.
With fear,The grandeur of natureIt is a place where you can also feel.

Place: Futtsu-shi, Kanaya, Chiba Prefecture
Access: 38 minutes on by walk from Yasuda (Chiba) station [exit]

8. Hitachi Seaside Park

A fantastic world where one side is dyed blue ♡

From the middle of April to the beginning of May, about 4.5 million treesNemophilaBlooms all at onceDyed in bluescenery is a masterpiece!

At this time, not only nemophila but also various colors such as red, yellow, white, pink, purple, etc.TulipYou can also enjoy ♪
spring is the extraordinary season to enjoy beautiful flowers wherever you walk in the park.
Enjoy plenty of beautiful natural colors!

State-run Hitachihama Park
Place: Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki-ken Hiraoka 605-4
Access: Approximately 43 minutes on by walk from Ajikegaura station [exit]
Opening Hours: 9: 30 ~ 17: 00 ※ There is fluctuation according to the season

9. Mount Tsukuba

Overlooking the Kanto Plain!

The famous mountain "Mt. Tsukuba" which is easily accessible from Tokyo.
Since the altitude is low and you can enjoy mountain climbing relatively easily, even beginners are safe.
Depending on the route, you can climb in about an hour.
RopewayYaCable carIf you use, you can go to the top of the mountain in no time, so if you are climbing a little ... use it by all means ♪

From the summitOverlooking the Kanto PlainCan,superb viewYou can enjoy.
On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji!
The superb view and air from the summit are the extraordinary treats ♪

There is no doubt that you can enjoy nature and refresh yourself!

Mount Tsukuba
Place: Tsukuba city, Ibaraki prefecture (Hachi-cho, Sakuragawa-shi)
Access: About 35 minutes from Tsukuba station Take a bus and get off at Tsukuba Yamaguchi

10. 山梨県立フラワーセンターハイジの村





アクセス:JR中央線韮崎駅から茅ヶ岳・みずがき田園バスで30分 JR中央線韮崎駅からタクシーで約20分 中央自動車道韮崎I.C.から車で約15分 中央自動車道須玉I.C.から車で約10分

Let's go on a journey with a train ♪ / Izu

"Car but I want a little outing does not have ..." such people to recommended Nanoha here!
It can be reached in about 2 hours by a train from TokyoIzu​ ​

When the weather is nice, spread out from your car windowOverlooking the seaI can do it.
Since the location from the train is the extraordinary, traveling time is also fun ♪
You can enjoy a hot spring, and there are also many museums and other facilities, so you can plan fulfilling day.

11. ぐらんぱる公園

Enjoy a day with lots of attractions!

In winter it is cold, but the park during the GW season is the extraordinaryRelaxing spot

最新VRやバギーのほか、AthleticThere are also many.
recommended for family with childrenOuting spot​ ​


Izu Grandpar Park from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
Izu gigantic park
Place: Ito city Shizuoka prefecture Fudo 1090
Access: Approximately 15 minutes on by walk from Futoto station [exit]
Business hours: March - October / 9: 00-17: 00, November - February / 9: 00-16: 00

12. 熱川バナナワニ園

You can meet crocodile in the hot spring town ♡

"Atagawa Banana Crocodile Garden" in the hot spring town of Atagawa is full of crocodile as the name of the garden!

Approximately 20 kinds of bananas grown by hot springs and tropical botanical gardens like paradise are also highlights!
The harvested bananas can be eaten at the fruit parlor ♪

Not only crocodile, only seen in JapanAmazon ManateeYaLesser pandaThere are also cute animals such as!

All the cute ♡ together daytime you want to sleep ....
Animal'sHealing effectIs overwhelming.

After being healed in the hot spring, it is also recommended to stop by the Atagawa Tropical Banana Crocodile Garden, which has plenty of attractions ♪

Atagawa crocodile garden from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
The Atagawa Banana Wanni Garden
Place: Shizuoka Prefecture Kamo-gun Higashi Izu-machi Therma Ongawa Hot Spring
アクセス:電車:伊豆熱川駅[出口]から徒歩約2分 バス:熱川口下車
Opening Hours: 8: 30-17: 00

13. アンティークジュエリーミュージアム

extraordinary in an elegant space ♡


The hall is also very wonderfulMedieval EuropeAs if you had a time slip.

Wearing a luxurious dressCommemorative photoYou can.
The wear fee is 1,000 yen. You can also attach a tiara for 300 yen.

extraordinary and enjoy the elegance atmosphere ♪

Izukogen field antique jewelry museum
Location: Hachimanno Ito, Shizuoka prefecture 1030-63
Access: About 19 minutes on by walk from Izukogen station [exit 2]