Leave for the Miura peninsula!

Metropolitan Expressway Coastline

Come on, we are leaving for driving to Miura Peninsula!
From Shibuya, take the Metropolitan ExpresswayAbout 2 hoursI'll get there.
Let's enjoy abundant nature and many seafoods such as Misaki tuna ♡




I want to go by a drive Miura Peninsula recommended spot 5 selection!

1. Jogashima Park


Prefectural Castle Park

Located on the southernmost tipJokeshimaSpot that you want to keep sure with the drive!
Please be careful as sea breeze is strong.

Prefectural Castle Park

There are lots of cats in Jogashima Park. Because I am accustomed to people, I will come and call you!
I am cute and will be healed ♡

Prefectural Castle Park

When you pass through the forest,White lighthouseArrival in!
Let's take a commemorative photo here with a lighthouse in the background.

Also, in JogashimaRias style coastThere is a unique rocky place called called.
Although the tension goes up, please be careful at the feet.


The view is also very nice and it is a very recommended park on a sunny day.
At duskSetting sunIt looks very beautiful, you can enjoy the collaboration of the sea and the sunset.
Please also look at the sunset when going to the Jogashima Coast.

Prefectural Castle Park
Location: Sakigaoka, Misaki-cho, Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Jogashima Park

2. Hill of the Nagai Sea Park of Soleil


Hill of the Nagai Sea hand park Soleil

Located in the direction of Yokosuka in Miura PeninsulaHill of the Nagai Sea hand park SoleilAthletic and lawn sledge etc.I can play like a childIt's a spot!
Other,Experience programs and hot spring facilitiesThere is also.
I can play bored, but the entrance fee is howfreeWhat is it!
The parking fee is 1000 yen,After 16 o'clockYou will be free if you put it in.

Hill of the Nagai Sea hand park Soleil

alpacaI can give a food to!
Of course, you can touch a fluffy body.
There are other spots where you can meet guinea pigs.
Let's have a lot of fun with the children ♪

Hill of the Nagai Sea hand park Soleil
Place: Mayor Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture 4
Access: about 55 minutes on by walk from Misakiguchi station[Exit]
Opening hours: March-November / 9:00-18:00, December-February / 9:30-17:00

3. Keikyu Oil Bottom Marine Park


Keikyu Oil Bottom Marine Park

A small, old-fashioned aquarium, the Keikyu Aburatsuma Marine Park.
Opened in the 1960'sI am a historical aquarium.

Keikyu Oil Bottom Marine Park

You can touch sharks and starfish in touching corner!
It is a rare experience to touch Sake skin directly.

Keikyu Oil Bottom Marine Park

You can also feed on otters!
When trying to give a fish a fish, desperately needing a small hand out of the hole, you can also shake hands.

Keikyu Oil Bottom Marine Park

Also,Dolphin and Sea Lions ShowHigh completeness and very interesting!
Unlike other aquarium shows, it is recommended in comics.

Keikyu Oil Bottom Marine Park
Place: Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture Misaki-cho Minor Nephew 1082
Access: 15 minutes from Keikyu Misakiguchi station to Keikyu bus "oil pot" and 5 minutes by walk end point "Oil pot"
Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00 ※ It changes according to the season

4. Kurihama flower country


Kurihama flower country Poppy cosmos garden

Kurihama flower countryIsfree entranceSpot where you can be surrounded by plenty of flowers.
You can see seasonal flowers like poppy in spring , sunflower in summer , cosmos in fall, ice tulip in winter, etc!
There is no doubt that girls will be pleased at the walking date ◎

Kurihama flower country

Athletic is also famous.
thisGodzillaActually it is a slide!

Kurihama flower country
Location: Shinmeicho, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa
Access: approximately 29 minutes on by walk from Keikyu Kurihama station [East Exit]
Opening Hours: 【Herb Garden】 April - October / 9: 00 ~ 17: 30, November - March / 9: 00-17: 00 【Herb Garden Footwat】 April - September / 10: 00-17 : 00, October - March / 10: 00-16: 00 ※ Park can be admitted for 24 hours

5. Tsukui Beach sightseeing Farm


Tsukui Beach sightseeing Farm

At the spring in the Miura PeninsulaTsukui Beach sightseeing FarmsoIchigo huntingYou can ♪
It is a recommended sightseeing spot for those who want to hunt strawberries in Kanto!

Tsukui Beach sightseeing Farm

The rice fields are spreading and there are lots of nature! You can relax.
It feels even better when the weather is nice ◎

Tsukui Beach sightseeing Farm

As the entrance fee varies according to the period,Official websitePlease refer to the.All-you-can eat for 30 minutesis! I got condensed milk at the entrance and started ♪
Of course you can eat strawberg as much as you want. Ichigo is from January to May as the name suggests, so I would like to make a schedule even before the season.
A fresh strawberry that you can take is really sweet and it's the same taste as A grade gourmet!

Tsukui Beach sightseeing Farm
Location: 5 - 15 - 20 Tsukui, Yokosuka
Access: Tsukui beach station from [exit]by walk about 18 minutes
Business hours: 9: 00-15: 00

3 spots where you can eat the finest seafood fortune!

6. Misaki Marine Products Local District Wholesale Market


Miura Misaki Port

What I want to eat absolutely in Miura PeninsulaSeafood
On the Miura PeninsulaMisaki Marine Products Local District Wholesale MarketThen, you can enjoy the fresh seafood at the seafood center.
It is also recommended for looking for souvenirs!

Miura Misaki Port

please look! This tuna's lean!
As expectedTuna is famousIt is Misaki Harbor.
Such a luxurious seafood bowl is variously 1500 yen ~ reasonably ♪


Let's enjoy the atmosphere of the fishing port.
I can hardly see the scenery of squid of squid!


It is just an island in Miura Peninsula and it is very pleasant to drive the coastline ♪
Because there is a coast of sandy beach such as Tsukui Beach, it is good to park a car and walk around!

◎ Misaki Marine Products Local District Wholesale Market
【Address】 Misaki Miyazaki 5-245-7

7. Rotating sushi seafood



It is about 3 minutes on by walk from the Miura coast stationseafoodSignboard of big tuna is a landmark!
It's written as sushi rolls, but only the conveyor is moving, it's a sushi shop that does not turn around (laugh)
Eating log rating is also3.6It is high, and the color paper etc of the entertainer is decoratedpopular storeThe atmosphere is drifting.

Miura Coast

Tuna full bloom setis. The price is 2160 yen and it will be a little, but it is worth to eat!
Even people who are not good at tuna of rotated sushi will eat delicious tuna that melts in their mouths!
Your tuna concept may change! What?

Rotating sushi seafood
Place: Kanagawa Prefecture Miura City Minami-Minamiura Town Umeda Miyata 3372-18
Access: Keikyu Kurihama line, 5 minutes on by walk from Miura Coast station . A 5-minute by walk from the Miura Coast intersection on Route 134. Parking lot 288 m from Miura coastal station
Opening Hours: [Monday - Sunday] 11: 00-20: 00 (L.O 19: 45) Lunch Sales, Open Sundays

8. Chronicle



It is next to a shop called "Kuroba tei" which is picked up in TV and is a great success in a lonesoming shopping streetEra
Goodwill of "I am doing" is a landmark.


Most customers will be ordering thisTuna with tunro on rice
Various parts of colorful tuna are to endure.
Since the change comes at 2000 yen, the stomach is also satisfactory at the price too ◎

Place: Miyazaki Miyazaki, Kanagawa Prefecture 1-9-12
Access: From Keikyu Kurihama Line "Misakiguchi station ", 15 minutes to Keikyu Bus Jogashima, get off at Hinode exit. It is about 40 minutes by car from Yokosuka Yokosuka "Kinugasa IC".
営業時間:[月・水〜金] 11:00〜15:00 17:00〜21:00 [土・日・祝] 11:00〜21:00 ランチ営業、日曜営業

in conclusion


How was it?
Driving along the beach, gourmet and activities are surely a great satisfying day!
Let's go for a drive to Miura Peninsula this time holidays ♪

Who wants to know more about the seaside drive!