I want to have a stylish drive date in Zushi!

Speaking of Zushi, I imagine Hayama's stylish resort drive, but I don't know where to actually go for a couple.
To such couple, the Play Life editorial department will carefully select date spots from Zushi's recommended drive spots and introduce them!

1. Isshiki Coast

Speaking of recommended driving in Hayama is a seaside date course!

Hayama Zushi recommended for driving by the sea!
Hayama is a quiet spot with a calm atmosphere, so you can relax.
This is a recommended date spot for people tired of the hustle and bustle of the city!

It is a road leading to Hayama's Isshiki Coast.
Walk along the museum building.
It's recommended for those who want to enjoy reading a book quietly or taking a walk.

The sea is right around the corner, so it's extraordinary to walk along the sea.
Not noisy because people also little hot spot is the spot ♪
recommended for couple who want to enjoy their time together!
If you park your car at the Hayama Museum, it is close to the sea, so it's recommended!

The orange sun shines like this during the setting sun.

There is a lawn area on the Isshiki coast, so it is recommended to lie down and look at the sea!

One color shore
Place: Kanagawa Prefecture monochrome coast
Access: in front of Keikyu New Zushi station

If you drive a date ...!

2. Oreyama Park

superb view 's scenery is a great spot to see

couple and the family To 123yama_0@wovn.io, where you can interact with animals from recommended ♪
It is a good park at scenery ♪ You can see scenery in the sea of Zushi! You can also see small animals such as monkeys, rabbits, and guinea pigs♪

There is an observatory.
From the observatory, you can enjoy scenery such as Zushi city, Enoshima, Sagami Bay coastline, Mt.
Some couple came to see the scenery ♪
extraordinary enjoy the location hot spot of the recommended is the spot!

It's not a large park, but there are hiking trails too!
When the weather is nice, you can have a fresh date by taking a short walk♪

How about hot springs on your way home?

3. Nagisa Bridge Coffee Zushi Store

Excellent burger recommended accompany a drive date!

This is the Nagisabashi Coffee Zushi Store, an excellent hamburger restaurant in Zushi. The appearance is also stylish and the atmosphere is excellent ♪ There is also a terrace seat so you can eat at eat-in.
stylish It was an open appearance, so I entered it♪

You can find delicious burgers and pancakes on the menu!
There were hot dogs besides hamburgers!
There are many reviews of eating logs, making it a popular shop♪

The fluffy buns have a crunchy surface and are fragrant♪
It's a chewy and delicious burger!

You can overlook such a wonderful superb view from the terrace seats.
It is a recommended spot where you can enjoy the scenery sea while having lunch!

Nagisa Bridge Coffee Zushi store
Place: Sakurayama 9-1-10, Zushi, Kanagawa
アクセス:逗子駅から徒歩20分 新逗子駅から1,138m
営業時間:7:00〜24:00 朝食営業、ランチ営業、夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

Enoshima is perfect in Kore!