recommended drive at Hayama! recommended course for dating along the beach!

recommended Hayama / Zushi for the seaside drive! Hayama can stay in a calm atmosphere with a quiet spot. It is a recommended spot for people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city!

It is the way to Hayama 's "one color shore" ♪ recommended for those who want to enjoy peacefully such as reading books or walking quietly anyway!

Because the ocean is in the immediate vicinity, walking by the sea is recommended ! There are few people so it is not noisy ♪ It is a recommended spot for a couple ! If you stop at the Hayama Museum of Art, the sea is also close so it is recommended !

recommended for sunset time zones! There is an area of ​​lawn on the one color shore, so we recommended lying down and looking at the sea! People also little hot spot is the spot ♪

One color shore
Place: Kanagawa Prefecture monochrome coast
Access: in front of Keikyu New Zushi station

If you drive a date ...!

recommended dining place where scenery can see the superb view

It is to a mountain park where you can meet animals recommended for both date and family ♪ It is a park with good scenery ♪ You can see the scenery of the sea of ​​Zushi! You can also see small animals such as monkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs ♪

There is also the observatory, scenery ♪ enjoy a couple in the scenery ♪ some people have come to see the extraordinary enjoy a location hot spot of the recommended is the spot!

Although it is not a large park, there are also hiking trails! It is recommended to take a walk on a sunny day for a walk. ♪

How about hot springs on your way home?

recommended for accompanying the drive date Superbakery!

It is an exquisite bagel "Tsukitabi" in Hayama. Exterior is also stylish and preeminent ♪ There are terrace seats and you can eat it with eat-in. I tried entering with homemade natural yeast and signboard so delicious ♪

A delicious bagel is lining up lining up! Besides bagels, there were also cinnamon rolls! Eating log evaluation is also highly popular shop ♪

The inside of bagels is a chocolate with a tortoise ♪ It is a delicious bagel with a biteful response! It is a recommended spot to take snacks!

【business hours】
Lunch open, Sunday open
Closed: Wednesday
【Average budget】
Approximately 1000 yen

Enoshima is perfect in Kore!

The mood is a resort! "CABAN" by the seaside

It's "CABAN" on the Morito coast! There is a house of the sea ♪ It is a popular spot for many people on a sunny day ♪

recommended is the sofa seat! It is a popular shop on weekends! You can enter without waiting as you go 20 minutes before the open! All seats terrace seats so it is not open on rain days. It seems better to prepare something that will be warm in the cold season!

The sea is really in front of me ♪ Because there are sofa seats there were a lot of people lying down and being relaxed! It is to talk while looking at here the sunset recommended as is ♪ date spot recommended 'm ♪

Place: 955 Horiuchi, Hayama cho, Miura gun, Kanagawa prefecture
アクセス:■車でのアクセス逗子I.C.から逗葉新道 葉山、鎌倉方面へ向かい約15分。 近隣コインパーキング有り。■電車でのアクセス品川からJR横須賀線で逗子まで50分 横浜からJR横須賀線、湘南新宿ラインでJR逗子駅まで30分。■バスでのアクセスJR逗子駅より京急バス3番乗り場 葉山行(海岸回り)元町下車 徒歩5分。■タクシーでのアクセスHOTEL SCAPESの電柱看板を曲がり、葉山日動美術館隣。JR逗子駅より2000円程度。 新逗子駅から2,256m
Business hours: Lunch business from 12:00 to 8:00, Sunday business

How much do you know ...?