To make a date on a notch ...!?

Palette Town Ferris Wheel

Always eat dinner and date goes on, how many people? But that is a waste!

For closing dates, we recommended going to a wonderful night view .
Become a romantic atmosphere, you can enjoy a more upscale date than usual.

This time we will introduce the recommended night view spot TOP 10 in Tokyo, carefully selected by the playlife editorial department!



No. 1 Tokyo Metropolitan Government

standard spot at night view to put in at free.

東京都庁 北展望室

The observation room of Tokyo Metropolitan Government that can overlook Tokyo from the height of 202 meters above the ground.
Howentrance fee is free
It is a night view spot of Tokyo standard .

Tokyo Metropolis

There are two of the northern observation room and the south observation room, and the opening hours are different.
You can see the skyscrapers in the big city center Shinjuku.

Please visit when you date near Shinjuku.

Tokyo Metropolis

No. 2 World Trade Center Building Observatory

Tokyo Tower can be seen at hand!

World Trade Center Building

Observatory directly connected to Hamamatsu station .
It's not too crowded, it's relaxinghot spot a night view spot​ ​

World Trade Center Building

The point of the observatory here is that the Tokyo Tower looks big and beautiful!
It is overwhelmed by the powerful Tokyo Tower.

I am also happy that entrance fee is not so high as 620 yen.

World Trade Center Building

No. 3 Harumi Fugo Park

Watching night view floating in the ocean Walking for a walk.

Harumi Fucho Park

Tsukishima is familiar as a spot where you can enjoy delicious gourmet delicacies such as specialty Monja - yaki and fresh ingredients purchased from nearby Tsukiji.

Harumi Futo Park is a wonderful park near this kind of Tsukishima, perfect for dating.

Harumi Fucho Park

Discover geometric objects that shoot photos!
Being floating in the sea,A fantastic atmosphereIt feels awesome.

Let's stroll around the park while hitting the sea breeze.

Harumi Fucho Park
営業時間:通年 0:00〜24:00