sightseeing drive course recommended for Kamakura Drive

I want to enjoy gourmet and sightseeing spots!

Kamakura is a popular spot in the sea near the drive.
sightseeing attractions such as Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine are also famous!
We will introduce spots that can be used for sightseeing and date!

Pancakes are also famous for Kamakura-Enoshima! Check out the famous stores where you can get in line

The world of the morning to eat the food recommended in the sea cafe "bills"

The world of the morning it is possible to eat the foodbillsis!
You know, it is a famous shop for pancakes ♪
Because it is also famous for being the first shop here, it becomes a queue when it becomes a holiday!
recommended time is 7 o'clock in the open!
Let's go from the open for those who want to enjoy the holiday actively from the morning !

The inside of the shop has become a stylish space, especially the one I recommended is the window!
You can eat while watching the ocean!
popular It's nod of shops too!

It is fluffy and tasty pancake!
Leisurely morning we eat the rice!
By the way it was already a matrix.
It will not be wrong to go as soon as you open!

bills Shichirigahama is from the red button belowReservationI can do it.
bills Shichirigahama
Location: Kanagawa Prefecture Kamakura City Shichigahama 1-1-1 WEEKEND HOUSE ALLEY 2F
アクセス:鎌倉、藤沢側から車でR134を七里ヶ浜へ。R134沿い山手側。鎌倉側からだと建物の駐車場には入りにくいので、七里ヶ浜の駐車場に入れるのが良い。江ノ電 七里ヶ浜駅より海側へ徒歩2分。 七里ケ浜駅から44m
営業時間:月/ 7:00–17:00 (L.O. food 16:00, drinks 16:30) 火〜日 /7:00–21:00 (L.O. food 20:00, drinks 20:30) 朝食営業、ランチ営業、日曜営業

Hydrangea's name spot "Hase Temple" I would like to visit during the hydrangea of ​​June

Plum rain I'm hydrangea how much time of flower?
thisHase TempleIt is a spot where you can enjoy the famous hydrangea in Kamakura!
During the season, many of the sightseeing crowded with tourists.

You can enjoy colorful hydrangea!
rain days this crowd is very crowded.
It seems better to go with crowds!

There are cute Jizo somewhere!
You are watching and smiling.

There are caves in it and it is a spot with many sights!
It is a fun spot that you can watch as you are around because it is a large precincts!
You can enjoy the taste of Kamakura.

Hase Temple
Place: 11-2 Nagatani 3 - chome Kamakura city Kanagawa prefecture
Access: About 3 minutes on by walk from Hase (Kanagawa Prefecture) station [Exit]

Speaking of Kamakura Great Buddha! Kamikura Great Buddha in Kamakura

Speaking of KamakuraGreat statueIs not it ♪
It is in the temple called Kotokuin!
This Big Buddha is a stupid thing!
She seems to be looking down a little so that we can see eyes with the visiting worshipers who visited!
Let's greet the Great Buddha ♪

The Great Buddha of Kamakura can enter the Big Buddha!
♪ you can have a pretty valuable experience ♪
The price is 20 yen, cheap ♪
Because it is a rare opportunity, please enter it.
I do not usually see it so I'm impressed with how it is made like this.

Kotokutein (Kamakura Great Buddha)
Place: 4-2-28 Nagatani, Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture
Access: About 8 minutes on by walk from Hase (Kanagawa) station [exit]