A pronoun of Kawasaki? Spot where factory night view can be seen!

Speaking of Kawasaki's synonym, is not it a drive to a factory night view ? It seems that there are also cruises to see the factory night view while the most talked boiling recently. Kawasaki is a recommended drive spot for those who want to see the night view which changed a little as usual because there are many factories!

"Kawasaki Marien" is! It will go to the direction where the factory is located. It is in a slightly suspicious atmosphere such as factory center of logistics. This is a night view seen from the observation room! entrance fee can be entered up to 8:30 free . People who got tired of night view are hot spot spots so it's a recommended spot as a different kind!

Kawasaki Marien (Kawasaki City Harbor Promotion Center)
Place: Kanagawa prefecture Kawasaki shi Kawasaki ku Higashi-ohashima 38-1
Business hours: 9: 00-21: 00

It is a factory night view with bad image, but the observation room is beautiful so I am surprised! What is the meaning of the map in the vicinity? It is fun to have a conversation with two people etc ♪ In the distance you can see the Landmark Tower!

Yokohama Landmark Tower
Location: 2-1-1 Minatomirai Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Access: 3 minutes on by walk from Minatomirai station [5]
Opening hours: 【Landmark Plaza】 Shopping / 11: 00 ~ 20: 00, Cafe & Restaurant / 11: 00 ~ 22: 00 ※ Depending on the store 【Observation Floor "Sky Garden"】 10: 00 ~ 21: 00, Saturday / ~ 22: 00 ※ Admission until 30 minutes before closing

"Higashi Ogishima East Park" is located very close to Kawasaki Marien! The sea is nearby, there are also coasts of the population. There is nothing because the factory is a factory, but it is a landmark as there is a convenience store! Kawasaki has the only seaside.

Higashi-Ojima Eastern Park
Place: Kanagawa prefecture Kawasaki city Kawasaki-ku Higashi-ozashima 58-1

It is "Chidori Bridge" of a spot such as factory night view ! You can also go to the vicinity of the factory, so if you want to see nearby, try driving to the factory! ♪ I can enjoy a strange spot different from usual like the factory's unique smell and sound ♪

recommended hot spot spot for driving in Kawasaki! Planetarium at Haneda Airport international line ♪

recommended for Kawasaki date is Haneda Airport international line. Are you Kawasaki? I think that it is a spot where you can go by car from Kawasaki in about 15 minutes!
It is a recommended spot for dating by car!

It is the observation floor that you want us to stop by when you go to Haneda Airport! The atmosphere is good and you can enjoy night view ! It is a space where you can relax and talk while drinking coffee. Because it is outside space, we recommended you go in warm time ♪

night view is worrisome is like this! You can see a night view the back of the airplane. I do not get tired of watching an airplane, such as takeoff and landing! I do not go on a trip on a date, are you here? I think it is surprisingly fun to talk about it ♪ It is also a good idea to make a trip to the destination you want to go and to think about a travel plan !

Haneda Airport domestic second passenger terminal
Location: 3-4-2 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Access: About 1 minute on by walk from Haneda Airport 2nd Building (Tokyo monorail · ANA use) station [exit]

Next, Haneda Airport international recommended point is that there is a planetarium cafe! I've seen articles on Twitter etc. I am worried but there are many people who have never mentioned anything. A planetarium is in the shop and you can eat there.

Meals are cafe, but delicious ♪ Ahijo is recommended ! ♪ ideal for dating as you can drink alcohol ♪ can not drink alcohol, but there are also non-alcoholic cocktails ♪

Drive spot "Ukishima cho Park" recommended for airplane lovers

I will aim for "Ukishima town park" where I ran from Kawasaki station by car for about 20 minutes ♪ There are various ways to enjoy fishing and picnics! This time I will go to the airplane.

On holiday and sunny days, airplane enthusiasts are more popular spots to visit! The airplane is flying pretty and it is impressive full mark. While riding with the lawn, it is also good to look at the plane ♪ Please come and visit the airplane lovers by all means!

There are lots of things to see there are windmills! There is also a bench and so you can relax. The inside of the park is divided into fishing spots, hills and flat grounds. It is a spot where you can see the plane once every ten minutes!

Ukishima-cho Park
Place: 12-1 Ukishima cho Kawasaki ku Kanagawa ken
Access: Approximately 56 minutes on by walk from Kojima Shinoda station [exit]

If it rain during Kanagawa drive date

Please reference to this special feature.

Kanagawa has many other cool dated spots ◎