"Yeah, mountain x river x ocean" after all if you speak of BBQ "Nature faction ♡

It is fun to take a car from Tokyo within 1 and 2 hours ♪ Please do not forget only insect repellent spray!

 アメリカキャンプ村 @奥多摩

To Okutama's American Camp Village is arriving from Shinjuku by car from 1.5 hours to 2 hours. There is a reservation-impossible free seat in order of earliest and a reservation-based charge seat. If you leave in the morning you should be able to take free seats * All BBQ sets are rented here, but it may be safe to book in advance.

As a cold, clear river flows beside it, you can wash vegetables with water, cool watermelons and alcohol. Enrich other than BBQ space. There are also fish ponds, athletics, campgrounds, cottages, etc. in a large site.

American Camp Village
Place: 230 Umezawa Okutama-cho, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo
アクセス:電車:新宿〜奥多摩 徒歩30分車:新宿〜八王子I.C. 吉野街道60分 奥多摩駅から1,327m
営業時間:23:00閉門 ランチ営業、日曜営業

 JR中央線御嶽駅近くの川辺 @奥多摩

This time fired up by BBQ, Mitake near station was before night at Kuno river. Arriving from Fuchu by car in an hour. Astronomical observation is the extraordinary even in the night . It was so beautiful that I could not believe it in Tokyo! However, please do listen firmly to the weather forecast so near the river is dangerous!

Good morning! morning When I got up, night and unusual scenery spread and surprised. Now, let's prepare for BBQ!

Let's bake it once the BBQ set is completed! It is satisfying to eat delicious food in magnificent magnificent place from morning .


  秋川橋河川公園バーベキューランド @あきる野市

It is an hour and half to two hours by car from Shinjuku to Musashi five-day station . It takes one and a half hours if you take a train. The place can not be reserved, so it is the earliest. It is recommended to be divided into place preparation team and food ingredient team.

You can also rent equipment, so borrow efficiently, BBQ ♪ Let's have a river nearby, so be sure to have fun!

Akigawa Bridge river park BBQ land (Akigawa bridge river park barbecue land)
Place: 814, Tsuruhara, Tokyo
Access: Musashi Ikaichi station From [Exit]by walk About 8 minutes