Let's enjoy Ekinaka 1 · Tokyo station premises which will not get wet even in the rain

Tokyo station was newly reborn in recent years power up not only the outside but also the inside! Walking around Tokyo station is perfect for rain days as you do not have to go outside even once you get off the train!

In recent years evolved to Tokyo station is restored red-brick station Marunouchi symbolizes the history around the building station building area, the epidemic of dessert and Ekinaka area to fully enjoy the taste of Tokyo, Nihonbashi outlet area as a base of business, department store And Yaesu area where modern buildings line up, consists mainly of 4 areas. Among them, rain Nanoha perfect for the day of dating, Marunouchi station Tokyo Station Gallery of building area. This facility, which was born as a scenic cultural place, it is possible to enjoy the exhibition etc. being held from time to time.

All-you-can-eat meals at Echinaca 2, Shinagawa station where rain can not get wet

It is Shinagawa station station Naka! As it is without leaving the ticket gate! If you come from the Takanawa mouth go straight ahead and those coming from the central mouth go to the opposite direction of Takanawa mouth.
morning 8: 00 - 11: 00 It is only a time zone but there is no problem if Shinagawa with good access!

Olive, pickles assorted, raw ham, sausage bacon, bread, garlic toast, salad, soup and so on.
All you can eat uncooked ham is good so you had better time to spare!

Business hours of "Val Marche Kodama" in Shinagawa station ticket gate · Eukyuto Shinagawa are eaten from 8:00 to 22:00 (Sunday and holidays from 8:00 to 20:30), of which 8:00 to 11:00 It is a free time zone. Because it carries out all you can eat salads and sausages, including a raw ham, with an exception of 600 yen, the queue is essential, but there is value to experience once.

Ideal for work return! Shibuya station almost direct, adult date

Continue towards Dogenzaka in the middle of Mark City. ★ It is warm and comfortable without getting wet with rain ★
I got out of Mark City and arrived at about 30 seconds! It is Emma Lounge. Antique style fashionable space had spread ^ ^ It was exactly a hidden lounge!

Bagna cowder is also delicious. It is about 1000 yen.

Through the Shibuya Mark City, before Dogenzaka alternating meet-up . Continue straight to the 14th floor of the building on the back.

Everyone was able to do with friends, but I am satisfied. Not only for dating, it can be used for a luxurious drinking party.

The Dogenzara area in Shibuya is far from station, but by passing through the mark city of connected to the station it is possible to do a short cut unexpectedly. Without saying direct station direct, pick a shop near Mark City and move happily without getting wet on rain day.
Naka-Meguro station , Ueno near station ! "Onoda shop" where you can enjoy most talked TKG

Yakiniku at Onoda shop one minute by walk Naka-Meguro! Let 's go eat cost performance extraordinary exquisite hormone and the ultimate TKG 'Supadamon'!

The target Onoda store is by walk over 1 minute and is near station.

It is the appearance of the ultimate TKG (egg kakugo) "Supamadoron" with fullness. This yolk, I grabbed what!

Let's ask this, be sure to have 9 kinds of hormones! Amazing volume feeling ... じ ゅ り.

popular shop "Onoda shop" which is featured in numerous media is in 1 minute from Nakameguro station and in fact super near station. Let's take a shark's TKG by eating pleasantly without worrying about returning at near station which is also a measure against the last train as well as weather.