recommended drive spot in Hakone!

The starting point is here! "Hakone" is popular as a day-trip hot spring resort! To Hakone is accessible from Kanto etc. in the metropolitan area etc. It is a spot where you can enjoy even staying even on a day trip! This time we will introduce spots where you can enjoy Hakone with a drive!


It is a spot "Hydrangea bridge" that you want us to come back when you come to Hakone! sightseeing It is famous as a spot and it is also becoming a shooting spot for popular! It's recommended to change the mood in the middle of a drive to Hakone!

Before station of "Hakone Yumoto", there are many souvenirs of sightseeing! A souvenir of sightseeing etc. can be found! Walking around and doing eating while walking is also recommended! Because there are many sweet things, the tired body is healed. Also, you can have a cup of tea and so take a break and take a walk! The distance is so short that you will not be tired of walking!

It is "Hakone shrine" which is also one of the most power spot in Kanto! It is in Ashinoko surrounded by nature!

The red torii at the place facing the lake stands out! Because the stairs etc. are quite tight, please drop in if you have time! Plenty of negative ions!

In the mountains of Hakone it is "Lake Ashi no Ota"! In the surrounding Lake Ashi, there are lots of places to eat, such as lunch spots so please stop the car and take a stroll ♪

The lakeside of Lake Ashi can be reached by a pleasure boat! summer etc. are cool and comfortable so please try it by all means ♪

箱根 芦ノ湖遊覧船

I want to stop by when I came to Lake Ashinoko is a cafe where I can enjoy lunch while hoping for a superb view ! Foot bath is on the feet of the terrace seat! It is a unique idea of ​​hot spring resort ♪

ベーカリーアンドテーブル箱根 (Bakery&Table)
アクセス:芦ノ湖湖畔/箱根海賊船 元箱根港すぐ東名 厚木IC 〜55分(小田原厚木道路〜箱根新道〜県道75号経由)東名 御殿場IC 〜45分(国道138号〜県道75号経由)お車でいらっしゃるお客様は周辺の観光駐車場をご利用ください。
営業時間:<パーラー>10:00〜15:00<ベーカリー>10:00〜17:00<2Fカフェ>8:30〜17:00(L.O.16:30)<3Fレストラン>11:00〜18:00(L.O.17:00)★朝食...土日祝のみ 9:00〜11:00(L.O.10:00)朝食営業、ランチ営業、日曜営業

When finishing sightseeing in Ashinoko, keep the car for the moment and get on the ropeway! It is coming from Tomodachi station ! We will head to the next sightseeing attraction at the ropeway! At the ropeway you can look down on Hakone and there is a superb view spot where Mt. Fuji can be seen.

It arrived at the ropeway is "Owakudani" which is a popular sightseeing spot in Hakone! Sulfur is rising! I smell like a hot spring town!

If you come to "Owaku-gani", you are sure to like hot spring eggs! Because the boiling in the hot springs, the shell becomes black! It is said that if you eat this egg the lifespan will go! Please try eating it for sightseeing ♪

Sulfur is amazing here and there! We recommended walking with easy walking shoes because there are stairs and rocky rocks! Owakudani is a big station so there are hot spots as well as eggs and photography spots where you can see far!

"Yunessan" is a recommended spa hot spot! You can enter on a day trip! Because it is a spa amusement facility, you can stay active and relaxed.

I think that it would be nice to take a swimsuit as it is a style to enter with a swimsuit! You can borrow it without you! You can enjoy an unusual hot spring such as a sake bath. Besides this there is also a coffee bath and a waterslide! w

営業時間:3月〜10月/9:00〜19:00、11月〜2月/9:00〜18:00 森の湯/11:00〜21:00

It is "Hakone glass forest art museum" of Hakone's popular recommended spot. It is a stylish spot matched with nature and glass! Because it is a popular spot on a date, I definitely want to stop by a couple .

There is a glass arch. Because the color seen by the refraction of light changes, I am tired of watching! I want to see it at various angles. As directing a romantic atmosphere, when you come for sightseeing , why not stop by!

There is also a hands-on workshop and you can experience making glass work! Try it as a commemoration of the trip ♪ If you make it together with a couple it will be memories and conversation will also be exciting!

Mori Art Museum, Hakone Glass
アクセス:①東京駅[東海道新幹線]40分→小田原駅[箱根登山バス](湖尻桃源台行)40分→箱根ガラスの森  ②新宿駅[小田急ロマンスカー]90分→箱根湯本駅[箱根登山バス](湖尻桃源台行)25分→箱根ガラスの森  ③箱根湯本駅[箱根登山電車]40分→強羅駅[観光施設めぐりバス](S又はM路線) 20分→箱根ガラスの森  ④新宿高速バスターミナル(バスタ新宿)[小田急高速バス]120分→箱根ガラスの森

This is also a popular sightseeing attraction in Hakone "The Little Prince Sculpture Museum"! The art museum is a spot without doubt that the women are happy to be built like France! It's a spot you want to go to date with while you drive!

There is a cafe inside the facility and you can eat cute dessert ♪ It is a space that you can taste the atmosphere of a picture book. Because the character is there and there, please look for it! There are lots of exciting points.

In the Christmas season, there will be a projection mapping and a Christmas tree, so there will be a spot to be exciting. I think that going to Hakone on Christmas is also fun and interesting.



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