You can eat "Shikanja Chao Jean" Shirokanedai Chinese food for 500 yen !?

This sweet and sour pork set is "Teza Chao Jang" which is about 5 minutes on by walk from Meguro-Shirokedai- station . This volume is 500 yen! The holiday lunch is 800 yen, but still wonderful that it is less than 1000 yen ☆ The salad · soup with dinner, ♪ with dessert ♪

This is Bamboo Noodle! Also this weekday lunch is 500 yen ☆ It is surprising that this holiday is 1000 yen for this dressing noodles will be 500 yen on weekdays!

The interior of the shop is full of luxury ☆ It is amazing to be able to eat one coin lunch at such a fashionable place! Although both holidays and weekdays are very crowded, it is comparatively short before 12 o'clock and after 13 o'clock when I removed lunch time ☆

■ Store information
5 minutes on by walk from Meguro station
8 minutes on by walk from Shirokanedai station
321 m from Meguro station
【business hours】
11: 00 ~ 15: 00 Lunch time
17: 00 ~ 23: 00 (LO 22: 30) Dinner time
(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Opened on all time ground menu
【eating log】

Meguro's "Barca" paella will be eaten at 500 yen !?

night at hotel is paella of about 2000 yen daytime is a surprise is the 500 yen if! ! Even if you put salads and drinks in sets, it is 700 yen! Do not miss this price that can only be for lunch ☆

À la carte mushroom ahijo can be eaten at about 500 yen ☆ It is best to eat it on a bucket ☆

It is a shop recommended for soccer lovers! Let's watch more football games with pizza of 500 yen while watching soccer game ☆

■ Store information
【business hours】
11: 00 - the next 4: 00 (LO next 3: 00)
Lunch time
Happy hour
Lunch business, night after 10:00 visiting Allowed, night after 12:00 visiting Allowed, business Sunday
3 minutes on by walk JR Meguro station
Tokyu Meguro Line Meguro station 3 minutes on by walk
Subway Nanboku Line Meguro station by walk 3 minutes
3 minutes on by walk Meguro station Toei Mita Line
278 m from Meguro station
【eating log】

Shinjuku "Yoyo" grilled meat set menu will be eaten at 500 yen !?

It is surprising that this roast meat set meal is 500 yen! If it is 500 yen on this volume I will line up ☆ In addition, there is also a service called rice change!

It's very crowded when lunch is rushing! It is about 500 yen of grilled meat set menu you want to eat in line ☆

The roasted meal set meal is 500 yen, the reason for changing rice is "Reception"! By being a standing up, the turnover rate also rises, I am offering a meat set meal with a full volume at 500 yen ☆

■ Store information
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line "Nishi Shinjuku station " Exit number 1 and you will find Jonathan of Families. As soon as entering that alley alley
85 m from Nishi Shinjuku station
【business hours】
[Monday - Friday] daytime box lunch time around 11: 00-14: 00
[Monday - Saturday night 16: 00 ~ 23: 30 (LO 23: 00)
Lunch business, night after ten o'clock visiting Allowed
Closed: Sunday
【eating log】

Kamata "Welcome (Hoang Yong)" Grilled dumplings will be eaten at 300 yen !?

"Welcome (Huang Yeong)" meat juice plenty, size is also grilled gyoza with big feathers! 300 yen on this volume is cheap! This gyoza will be filled with six belly!

Tamagus fried rice is 550 yen! I will over 500 yen of one coin a little, but this volume feeling 550 yen lunch has no complaints ☆

Although there are stores in the main shop, I went to the annex this time! Annex is a little small, but your daytime also night crowded even by the customer.

■ Store information
Walk to the ward office in parallel with JR Kamata station east exit railroad, a few minutes past the ward office
Back of Maruetsu
284 m from Kamata station
【business hours】
Lunch business, night after 10:00 visiting Allowed, business Sunday
【Average budget】