【Shinjuku lunch】 Inside the store full of luxury "Umeya" 750 yen baked meat set meal is popular !

The lunch menu is all less than 1000 yen! The roast meat set meal is a popular menu for salaried workers.
This volume feeling makes 750 yen cost performance high. I also have a cup of chawanpo.

Will be lost to enter in the luxurious appearance, but your daytime since it is possible to eat delicious meal in if lunch price, why not try to go Come to lunch!

【食べログ】 http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1304/A130401/13028642/


Boryumi steak! It's amazing! It is a soft, juicy steak. In addition, salad and soup will be on! Rice is a substitute and you are free ☆

I am convinced that this is lots of people lining up. Lunch time is from 11: 30 to 14: 00 on weekdays. I do not get crowded for lunch break and I recommend going ☆

Sankai Rakuyo and Nishi Shinjuku store
場所:東京都新宿区西新宿8-5-8 正和ビル 1F
アクセス:東京メトロ丸の内線「西新宿駅」1番出口を出るとファミレスのジョナサンがあります。その角の路地を入ってすぐ。 西新宿駅から85m
営業時間:[月〜金] 11:00〜15:00(品切れ終了) 16:00〜23:30(L.O.23:00) 17:00〜18:30ランチ可 [土] 11:00〜15:00(品切れ終了) 夜営業:貸切のみ ランチ営業、夜10時以降入店可

【Shinjuku Lunch】 "Holehole" Appetite full of colorful vegetables ☆ 880 yen taco rice is recommended ☆

Sprinkle eggs spicy eggs Taco Rice (880 yen)SpicyAlthough it is written, it was not painful at all! ☆ It is safe even for people who do not like hardships ☆
The colorful use of vegetables increases your appetite ♪

The menu is centered on colorful Hawaiian cuisine ☆ Because the appearance is also brilliant, the female people will also be pleased! Because they are around 1000 yen, they are also friendly to your wallet *

I feel like I am refreshing in a slow space like Hawaii! Because there is a sofa seat, you can relax and enjoy lunch time slowly ☆

hole hole cafe & diner Shinjuku east entrance
Place: 3-23-15, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Tokyo
アクセス:新宿駅東口徒歩3分。アルタ左側の道路を直進。2つ目の交差点(ヤマダ電機手前)を左折し、左手3棟目の綾若ビルです。 新宿西口駅から155m
営業時間:ランチ 11:45〜17:00 ディナー17:00〜24:00 (ドリンクラストオーダー23:00、フードラストオーダー22:30) ※時間外の貸切等もお気軽にご相談ください。 ランチ営業、夜10時以降入店可、日曜営業

【Ebisu Ranchi】 Volume full ranch set of "Hotel Excellent Ebisu"! You can get an elegant lunch at the hotel's cafe at 1050 yen ☆

It came to the cafe "Hotel Excellent Ebisu" in the hotel which is about 2 minutes on by walk from Ebisu station ! Set of lunch is 1050 yen with soup attached besides sandwiches, pancakes, salad ☆

There is a sense of quality, it is also good to eat an elegant lunch in the spacious hotel space ♪ There is no doubt that the work after the lunch will also be hasty ☆

Hotel Excellent Ebisu
Place: 1-9-5 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: about 0 minutes on by walk from Ebisu station[3]